EscoBar Vapes – Worth Buying or Not?

EscoBar Vape

Esco Bar vapes are disposable e-cigarettes manufactured by the Texas-based company, Pastel Cartel. They are designed for single use. Yes—EscoBar vape devices are non-refillable and intended to be disposed of once the e-liquid is depleted. They come pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid at a concentration of 5% (50 mg/mL). It is worth noting that EscoBar’s e-liquids are sourced from well-known brands like Fruitia, Ripe, Noms, Kilo, and Aquios’s H2O e-liquid. There’s a range of models offering different puff counts and battery capacities. All just to meet varying vaping preferences and styles.

Let’s find out all about EscoBar vape devices—exploring whether you should buy them or not. We’ll also shed light on some burning questions like “EscoBar vapes going out of business”. So—make sure to read till the end.

How Many EscoBar Vape Flavors Available?

Flavor Description
Lychee Ice Tropical lychee fruit with a minty finish
Rainburst Mix of strawberry, grape, lemon, green apple, and orange
Mango Lassi Creamy mango inspired by the Indian dessert
Strawberry Watermelon Blend of strawberry and watermelon
Mixed Berries Medley of various berry flavors
Bubblegum Ice Cool and sweet bubblegum flavor
Cotton Candy Sweet, airy fairground favorite
Strawberry Ice Refreshing strawberry with a cool finish
Banana Smooth and creamy banana taste
Mango Ice Tropical mango with an icy touch
Grape Ice Sweet grape with a chilling effect
Rainbow Mix of multiple fruity flavors
Apple Crisp and fresh apple flavor
Blue Raspberry Tangy and sweet blue raspberry
Kiwifruit Exotic and tangy kiwi flavor
Caramel Color Rich caramel flavor (usually color refers to dye)
Strawberry Cream Creamy strawberry blend
Gummy Bear Sweet, fruity gummy candy flavor
Spearmint Fresh and cool mint flavor
Fuji Distinct, crisp apple flavor
Strawberry Esco Bar Flavor Pure, sweet strawberry taste
Black Dragon Ice Exotic dragon fruit with a cool finish
Blue Raspberry Esco Bar Flavor Blue raspberry, likely enhanced
Lemon Zesty and tart lemon flavor
Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Blue raspberry and pomegranate mix
Blueberry Sweet and slightly tart blueberry
Mint Classic, refreshing mint
Orange Bright and citrusy orange
Peach Juicy and sweet peach flavor

How Long Does an EscoBar Vape Last?

The lifespan of an Esco Bar vape depends on the specific model and the user’s vaping habits. For instance:

Esco Bar Mesh 2500 lasts up to 50 days if used at a rate of 50 puffs per day, 25 days at 100 puffs per day, or 10 days at 250 puffs per day.

Esco Bar Mega 5000 lasts up to 100 days at 50 puffs per day, 50 days at 100 puffs per day, or 20 days at 250 puffs per day.

Esco Bar 6000 lasts up to 120 days at 50 puffs per day, 60 days at 100 puffs per day, or 24 days at 250 puffs per day.

Remember that these estimates assume consistent usage patterns. The actual duration can vary based on individual vaping behavior.

What is EscoBar Vape Price?

The EscoBar vape price range varies depending on the model and where you purchase them from. It is worth noting that the majority of online retailers generally offer lower prices compared to brick-and-mortar vape shops.

Here are the average prices for the most popular models from U.S. online retailers:


Model Price
Esco Bar Mesh 2500 $14.49
Esco Bar 4000 $16.99
Esco Bar Mega $17.49
Esco Bar 6000 $18.99

You should know that this EscoBar vape price range is based on average figures. It can vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing changes in market prices.

What Do Reddit Users Say About EscoBar’s Vapes?

If we consider real-time discussions in the r/Vaping subreddit community, there’s a range of opinions about EscoBar vapes. Each highlighting varying aspects from quality and build to flavors and the importance of verifying authenticity.

For instance, when it comes to the build quality and battery life of Esco Bar vapes, opinions vary. Some users find them effective, but concerns about material quality and battery consistency are prevalent. One user said, “They hit good, but build/material quality is questionable, Battery life is wildly inconsistent”. This points out some of the reliability issues that can affect user experience. Some users left comments saying that they are satisfied with EscoBar vape flavors. However, others feel that there is room for improvement. As one user expressed, “I like them. The flavors could be better. But after going from disposables to mods and back like 20 times, they get the job done for me”. This indicates a mixed response to the flavor profiles available. The rechargeable models of EscoBar vapes, such as the Esco Bar Mega, are frequently recommended for their longer lifespan and practicality. One user specifically advised, “Get the mega 5000 puff model because it’s rechargeable”.

Authenticity is another critical issue discussed among the community. The majority of users stressed the importance of purchasing genuine products to avoid counterfeits. The discussion revolves around how to verify the product’s authenticity, with questions like, “Where did you buy them? Is there any authenticity sticker/# you can look up on the packaging?”.

In short—Reddit users see value in EscoBar vapes for their convenience and variety. However, the mixed feedback on quality, flavor, and concerns over authenticity reflect a cautious yet appreciative attitude towards these vaping devices.

What’s the Truth Behind EscoBar Vapes Going Out of Business?

There are many individuals that ask “are EscoBar vapes going out of business”. This is probably because Esco Bar’s official website is not accessible at the moment.  EscoBar vapes are not officially out of business. However, they have faced regulatory challenges—including being placed on an FDA “import red list”. It happened due to high usage rates among youth. Some reports suggest that Esco Bar and similar brands are adjusting their strategies. They are possibly renaming products or changing manufacturing practices to circumvent regulations. This means that they will continue to be available in the market.

Wrapping Up – How to Identify Real EscoBar’s Vapes?

It is possible that you come across fake EscoBar vapes. Therefore, you must remember these 3 keys to distinguish real Esco Bars from fake ones:

  • Authentic Esco Bar vapes are typically made from a robust material like rough steel aluminum. They have a sleek, slender design with a thin mouthpiece. The packaging should have a Western-style font and include genuine serial numbers or unique identifiers that confirm its authenticity.
  • Real Esco Bars should match the nicotine potency advertised on the packaging. If the potency feels off or weaker than expected, it could be an indication that the vape is fake. The authentic nicotine salt formulation provides a smooth and consistent vaping experience.
  • Esco Bars are known for their strong and satisfying flavors. If the flavor of the vape is muted or doesn’t match the expected intensity based on its description, this could be a sign of a counterfeit product.

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